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A growing body of research is showing that grounding—the act of allowing the feet to come into direct contact with the Earth—offers health benefits.

For those of us who are pressed for time, live in concrete jungles, and find it difficult to visit natural environments, grounding mats are the next best thing. They allow us to neutralize the energies in our bodies even if we’re indoors and can’t go outside for any reason.

But how do you find the right one?

Allow us to share factors to look for and five products that you can try.

What To Look For in a Grounding Mat

There are many grounding mats on the market, but they aren’t created equal. Here’s what you need to consider.


Grounding mats come in different lengths. What’s right for you will depend on your intended use. If you plan to use it while you sleep, you’ll need a larger size that covers a longer area. But if you want to use it while working, it’s okay to go smaller.


Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your grounding mats functional.

Ideally, you should look for one with a non-absorbent surface to prevent the buildup of moisture, dirt, and debris while maintaining hygiene.

When you’re wiping it down, be careful not to use too much water as it can damage the electrical components. On the other hand, if you purchased a fabric mat, machine wash the material on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent.


Width is an indicator of the mat’s electrical resistance. Choose thick mats over thin ones because they absorb more electrical current while being better at tolerating wear, pressure, and damage.


A good grounding mat should feel comfortable against your skin so you’ll be encouraged to use it regularly. Look for options made with breathable organic cotton and soft vegan leather, preferably with a non-slip, anti-skid rubber backing.


Look for mats made with conductive materials like copper, carbon, silver, aluminum, and polyurethane. The ideal option will be non-toxic and phthalate-free. That said, rubber is a popular choice as it offers superior durability with little to no signs of wear and tear and insulation from electric shocks while being low maintenance.

Read Reviews

Price is seldom a good indicator of the grounding mat’s performance. That’s why you should look at what users are saying about the product.

Warranty Period

When it comes to grounding mats, the most common complaint you’ll read about is that they don’t work. Since these products don’t offer any obvious indications that they’re operational, you may want to get an altimeter to check if there is a charge. In case your product doesn’t work, it’s good to have a warranty or return policy to fall back on.

5 Best Grounding Mats To Consider

Here are five popular grounding mats we reviewed:

1. Grounding Mat Kit

This kit comes with a conductive grounding mat made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. It features vegan leather on top and SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) foam at the bottom. You can use it as a sleep, foot, or desk mat. It also comes with a 15-foot cord, providing you with flexible use.

The package includes a grounding wristband to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and provide relief from headaches.

At around $30, it’s one of the most affordable products on our list.

 Pros  Cons

●      Value for money

●      Extra-long cord

●      Has a chemical-industrial smell that’s hard to air out


2. LandKissing® Grounding Mats Kit

Diving head-first (or should we say feet first?) into grounding with your significant other? The LandKissing Store has you covered with a pair of conductive mats and wristbands that have 10% conductive silver fiber. It’s the perfect product if you’re looking to try grounding with a partner.

Though the product has a user guide, the product has a straightforward setup that’ll have you earthing in no time.

 Pros  Cons

●      Non-toxic, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly materials

●      Set of 2 mats and wristbands

●      Doesn’t come with a wall adapter

●      A test conducted by a user revealed that the product is not conductive (has no charge)


3. Hooga Grounding Mat

The Hooga Grounding Mat is made with carbon-infused vegan leather, making it effective and comfortable. It’s designed with a non-slip rubber backing and comes in a convenient size that can be used in a variety of ways.

Place it under your laptop to remain grounded while you work. Sit on it while meditating. Stand over it while you cook or do dishes.

Hooga prides itself on its zero plastic packaging and the extensive research they’ve conducted on their products.

 Pros  Cons

●      Provides option to buy 2 mats at a lower price

●      Offers a 6-day trial period and a 3-year guarantee

●      Free shipping if you order from Hooga’s website

●      Has a rubbery smell



4. Earthing Grounding Mat

This is an eco-friendly and non-toxic grounding mat made with a blend of vegan leather and vinyl-free PU resin. It has a 15-foot cord and safety adapter. We love this mat because it’s one of two products on our list that comes with an outlet tester. Since many users questions if their grounding mats are working, you can easily test this product to check if there is indeed a current.

 Pros  Cons

●      Safe and effective

●      One-year manufacturer’s warranty

●      Comes with a tester

●      More expensive


5. Earth and Moon Grounding Mat

This grounding mat comes in cylindrical packaging, so you can conveniently squeeze it into any corner of your home—even under the bed! Like the Earthing Grounding Mat, it comes with a safety adapter. It also has an anti-angle grounding cord, outlet tester, and lava stone grounding bracelet.

Plus, it’s available in two sizes so you can choose the right one for your needs. Both variants feature a built-in 100k Ohm resistor, making it the best pick for safety.

 Pros  Cons

●      Comes with a grounding bracelet and tester

●      Lifetime warranty and 90-day return policy

●      Promises results from only 30 minutes of grounding per day

●      Available in 2 sizes

●      More than twice the price of other grounding mats


Ready To Get Grounded?

A quick glance at reviews from people who’ve used grounding mats will reveal that these products have worked in countless cases. Users have experienced less pain or its complete absence, greater comfort, improved sleep, less anxiety, and more.

Though they won’t deliver overnight changes, a good grounding mat can alleviate many types of discomfort. We hope our list has given you a headstart on choosing the right one.