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If you have multiple sclerosis, home exercise equipment is critical for maintaining mobility. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to re-organize dependent upon exposure to new or novel experiences. After an acute exacerbation, neuroplasticity requires thousands of repetitions to get the desired positive brain changes. With that said, multiple sclerosis (MS) rehabilitation should NOT be confined to a therapy gym 2-3x/week. MS rehabilitation needs to be a daily practice.


Best Exercise Equipment For Multiple Sclerosis:

  1. Folding Mat Table
  2. Step stool with handle
  3. Core max for arm and leg movement retraining
  4. Dycem – non slip mat for opening jars and holding equipment in place
  5. Nylatex wraps – to hold an arm and/or a leg in position to maintain proper form
  6. Resistance band loops

Exercise with joy & freedom